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Our equipment in action...  

Outdoor wedding ceremony 
Battery powered speaker, get music off your from your laptop, tablet, ipod or phone.

Karaoke is always fun.

When it's cold outside have a themed birthday party in the garage and keep warm.  When they spill it's not big deal easy clean up.
Rear projection screen on the side yard for 100 guests,  The customer wanted to hide the wires so everyone could walk around without tripping on the wires. 
Projector, Dish Network box, mixer, projector stand, card tables work great also
Use Spotify or GooglePlay to make a reception playlist.  It's free for 30 Days. Your welcome. 
Get creative and hide the speaker inside a shirt or costume during the holidays.
Front Projection setup, tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, lawn chairs, bean bags, heck bring couch outside.
Playstation, XBox, Wii, Computer games are great for the teens.
Thanks to James and Easy Audio Rental for saving our bacon this weekend. Our audio equipment decided to have a senior moment and we needed replacement equipment FAST.... James was there to solve ALL of our equipment needs - ON SHORT NOTICE! The Exchange TV Show is forever grateful. Thanks again.